Фрёлих (Fröhlich)

Теория сверхпроводящего состояния. 1 Основное состояние при температуре абсолютного нуля. Theory of superconductivity. Ground state of superconductor at zero temperature. In russian.

К теории сверхпроводимости. Одномерный случай. Theory of superconductivity. One dimentional case. In russian.

From the book "Theory of superconductivity" edited by N.N. Bogoluibov (1960). In russian.
Forefront in the Elucidation of the Mechanism of High-Temperature Superconductivity - Shin-ichi Uchida - COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW

Mgb2 (left) - graphite (right) Electron bands.jpg
Adjust graphite electron band to graphite Fermi level
And You obtain very good "hole" graphite superconductor :)))
Red color made by Igor Minich

Fig. 2. Superconducting gap and pseudogap excitations are separated in momentum space.
Yellow color made by Igor Minich

Isotopically Controlled Semiconductors. David Turnbull Lecture. Transcript E. E. Haller. Stolen from Russia germanium research.
Some remarks.

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